Re: DVD Default Program

cisbrane;797414 Wrote:

I have a DVD Video program that I prefer over Media Center. I have set
my AutoPlay to automatically load it when I insert my DVD, but I can not
at all figure out how to set it to be the default program when you
double click on the DVD icon from Computer folder.

I found one site that had listed modifications to the registry at:
HEKY_CLASSES_ROOT \ DVD \ shell \ play \ command \

I am not sure if I can simply change this program value to my other one
or not. I am kind of afraid of registry modifications on other people's

I tried the more friendly route of Control Panel->Default Programs, but
it was not listed here! only in AutoPlay settings no where else.

thank you for any help.

Hi Cisbrane,

Check to see if your DVD program has an option or setting in it to make
it the default program. If not, then you can use Default Programs to set
what "Current Default Program" is used to open a file extension with
instead. You can do this with all of the video file extensions that are
support by your DVD program. This tutorial will show you how to.

Hope this helps,


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