Re: .mpg files won't play in Vista

Did you recently get a windows update, I did and now the previous
settings and features are, changed, damaged or disabled, beware! This is
the second time I've had this problem after a windows update so I've
disabled the automatic updates andd hope that I can fix it and block the
updates from resetting my personal features or attacking my pre-existing
media activex files, I'm not the only one saying this, I'm seeing this
comment in google on different sites, and on their site as well, I'm
ticked off because at the time of the update... I was 45 minutes into an
e-mail with attachments and the update nag screen came up, so I clicked
"postpone until later", but it shut down immediatellllllly and I lost
the entire draft with all the attached files.

Now I"m going to try a clean re-install from the vista disk,
(un-install vista and re-install clean), and then do a restore to see if
I can get these presets re-established, if not the I'll go to a
different windows system, this is rediculously wrong and intollerable. I
felt attacked, robbed, and now will probably out some more money to buy
and replace software ruined by the updates.:mad:

So I also notice my system was tasking continuously and memory is
almost gone after the update, so just beware, something isn't right, and
I'm not buying any new downloads, thats just wrong!

And No I don't have a virus, got 4 layers of security, Norton,
Stopzilla, Mcaffy, and Defender, it was the update!

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