Re: WMP 11 in Vista will not play MPG files

About a month ago I lost my windows media abilities to play and save the
temporary files, which seem to vanish from sites after a while, this
happened after I was prompted to update, well... I was sending an e-mail
at the time, was 45 minutes into writing it, so I clicked on "postpone
until later", but it went ahead and shut down right awat anyway so I
lost the entire draft and the attached files.

When it was finished, I could not play mpeg or avi files anymore. Nor
can I use the options to reset the features because those boxes that are
supposed to be either checked or empty, have a grey checkmark in them,
indicating the are not at my control anydaylightmore. So, it has shut me
out. plus my laptop was tasking continuosly, using tons of memory, and
creating registry errors. Activex file seems to be damaged or missing

So I'm very close to un-installing Vista and going for a clean
re-instalation to try to recory the attributes that I payed for when I
bought the notebook. I since have dis-abled the automatic updates... and
of course need to know whats the best way to get back on track without
getting shut down, shut out, or tweaked by Microsoft that disable
pre-installed software and settings. You might say I'm put out $$$$,
time and... need help!

(thecrosbyguy @ yahoo dot com)

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