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Ok Curious (why aint you a member of this forum?) .. I will follow your
advice, and
buddy, if it don't work I'll sick my stuffed dog on ya!! (His name is
peanut) ;)

Curious;794536 Wrote:
Go to Help and enter Create Screen Saver and you will find how
do what you want.
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Well, I must first say Hello to you all on this forum. Just got my
first laptop, and it runs Vista Home Premium 32.

I'm searching close to this topic, so I try here.
First-- it kinda irks me to see that so many of you are willing to
change your own images to fit the needs of the screensaver.
I guess I'm a hard case, but I think the darn computer should adjust
MY photos!
I have many many photos that have come from many sources over the
I want to see my photos, not download some others, and I HATE it when
the photo is stretched out of shape.
XP had the Center, Tile, etc. settings. I can't find this in the
Vista screensaver tool.
Am I missing something?
I will not be installing some other screensaver software. If Vista
can't do it, I can do without it.
Darn--- I have turned into my grouchy old grandpa! :zip:
/wipes sweat from brow, sits back down

RegH > >