RE: Sony VAIO wecam and Vista

Greetings morrdog22,

Press Capture button on keyboard located below the laptop screen and Sony’s
capture utility will pop-up.

The Vaio built-in motion eye camera utilizes the Vaio camera capture utility
to capture photo images and movies. The utility can send the images via
email. You can also save the images to disc and use other software to view or
send it through the internet. Movies that you create with the motion camera
can be imported by Windows Movie Maker and edited. Photos created by motion
camera can be edited by Windows Paint. (Located in All Programs>Accessories.)

Instant messaging is not included in Vista because of antitrust lawsuits. To
send and receive instant messages in this version of Windows, you must
install a compatible instant messaging program from Microsoft or another
software provider.
For free MS messenger service go here:

More info:

1) Go to Start Menu > Help and Support Home Page
2) Locate Vaio Users Guide
3) the Vaio Users Guide will most likely be an Adobe .pdf file
4) In the Vaio User’s Guide find information on “built-in Motion Eye
camera.” It will have extra info.

I think this will point you in the right direction.
Good luck…

oscar :)

....Right click is your best friend...

"Morrdog22" wrote:

Ok my sister bought a Sony Vaio with Motion Eye built-in; Vista OS. Now I'm
trying to figure out what video capture software she needs and how I can
webcam with her- I see from the posts that Movie Maker doesn't work with it.
Also- what is a good method to transmit- WL/WM? or some other means- I will
be in Iraq and want to dialogue with her- Thanks.

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