Re: No Video on Movie Maker Import from DV Camera in wmv format

Sate wrote:
Clicking Import from DV Camera in Vista Movie Maker and choosing one
of the wmv formats (rather than avi) results in green screen with
audio in MM. It's not the file, as the same green screen file in MM
plays in WMP and works on my old Windows XP MM program on another
computer. Import from DV Camera using the avi format works fine in
MM, but takes 13g per hour as opposed to 2g per hour for the wmv
format, which is why I need the latter for long videos (2 hours). I
tried converting wmv to avi using Prism, as someone mentioned on
here, but now it's black screen video with audio, so no go. Any help
would be appreciated; it's incredibly frustrating that my newer Vista
machine can't do what my older XP does.
Just wondering...are you burning these imported files
on Data DVDs or Video DVDs? The reason I ask is
because when burning a Video DVD...the determining
factor is the duration of the source file not the memory size.


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