Re: Burning CDRs

I don't know what message that you're talking about so I'm assuming the
message is an autoplay pop-up menu. Check your Autoplay defaults in Control

The other problem: seems that you're burning a data disc and not an audio
disc. Be sure to use WMPlayer to burn an audio CD. In WMP check the Burn tab
and be sure that you're burning an audio disc and not a data disc.
oscar :)

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"Lisa" wrote:

Thanks but it really doesn't address my question. I don't understand why I'm
getting a message asking me to insert a CD when one is already in the drive.
This happens on my desktop as well as my laptop.

"John Inzer" <oobie@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Lisa wrote:
I am unable to burn music to a CDR. I have no problem burning DVDs.
When I burn
CDRs they play on my laptop and desktop but do not play in my car. In
re-reading the instructions, it says to rip the files first but when
I do this, I get a message that I must insert a CD. A Cd in already
inserted in the drive. Can anyone help me?
I don't know which instructions you read...maybe
the following links will offer something useful:

Windows Vista -
Rip music from a CD

Windows Media Player 11 for Windows Vista
Burn Your Own Customized Audio CDs


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