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Captain Packrat wrote:
Not sure how to submit this to Microsoft, so I'll post it here.

I was having an issue with Windows Photo Gallery in Vista SP1. When
I would double-click on an image file in one particular directory,
nothing would happen. I could open images in other folders just
fine, and I could open images in that particular folder using other
programs just as Paint. If I copied an image from that folder to
another, it would open correctly in Photo Gallery.

I finally managed to find the cause of the problem, an Internet
shortcut in the same folder. If I removed it from the folder, the
images would open correctly again. When I moved the link back, the
problem would occur again. Any folder into which I would put the
shortcut would become unable to open images in Windows Photo Gallery.

The only thing that was unusual about the shortcut was that the URL
was extremely long, a Google Maps link. The specific link was,-87.686691&spn=0.010785,0.020084&z=14&layer=c&cbll=41.776747,-87.681011&panoid=R4fqWJEJkVCRco2uu3GK9Q&cbp=1,241.19153282558486,,1,11.544534208760151&source=embed

I tried editing the shortcut to make the URL shorter, and the problem
went away. When I recreated the shortcut with a long URL, the
problem reoccured. I have tried this with other addresses, though I
haven't tried to determine the exact length of URL that causes a

To summarize: In Vista, SP1, if a folder contains images and an
Internet Shortcut to a long URL, Windows Photo Gallery will fail to
open images within that folder. The problem is reproduceable.