Re: Windows Mail

Hi, Tony.

Two tips:

First, get into the habit of pressing <Ctrl>+S while composing - especially at the end. This will Save your composition in your Drafts folder. Then, if you lose the message later, you can reload it by double-clicking it in that Drafts folder.

Second, Please always start your own thread for your own issue. It's a breach of Netiquette to hijack another user's thread.

Oh, a third tip: Are you really using Windows Mail, which runs ONLY in Vista? Or Windows LIVE Mail, which runs in WinXP, Vista and Win7. (I can't tell because you posted via the web interface, not by using the mail client.) I ask because that spell-check problem existed in earlier builds of WLM, but is not a problem in later builds. You can get the latest released version of WLMail (and all the other Windows Live Essentials) free from:

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
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Windows Live Mail 2010 (15.3.2804.0607) in Win7 Ultimate x64)

"Tony" wrote in message news:5742EF84-3602-4376-B502-58E70BF120CB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Often times when I compose an email that takes a long time and then do
spellcheck at the end. Windows mail goes white and eventually closes. I lose
the entire message which sometimes is a great deal of info. Very

Any suggestions for a fix?