Re: incoming messages just disappear,but can send messages

Just some thoughts...
- WLM has an Inbox for each email account. If you have more than one account, are you looking in the correct one?
-WLM has views for each folder, which can be set to show or hide read messages.
Check to see if the view setting has changed...
View - Current view - Show all messages
-WLM has Quickviews, which gives you certain views into the message folders. You might try using the "All E-mail" one to look for your messages.
To turn on Quick view, click on View - Layout - Folder Pane - Show Quick views
To select "All e-mail", right-click on QuickViews - Select quick views - All e-mail
- did you create any message rules that might move or delete messages?
-have you checked the Junk e-mail folders?

Dave N.
MS-MVP (Mail)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64
"william dollimore" wrote in message news:23585A5E-08C5-43FE-9D06-94AF410254E9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

As i just installed windows live Mail,i received 2740 messages but can'be see
in the INbox,
Now i receive mail,but they can't be read .i see some action,but those
messages just disappear.
What's going on.Settings are really ok.

william dollimore