Re: Can't receive email - Please Help !


While looking at your messages in, scan the list of all of them. You may have one or more bad or malformed messages that are blocking the proper operation of the system. Delete any obvious junk messages that you see.

Or you may simply have filled your message limit. This has happened to me a few times when relatives have sent some large photo files.

In Tools | Accounts, select your Mail Account and click Properties | Advanced (I'm using WLMail and the path has changed a little, so I may have this slightly wrong), if the "Leave messages on the Server" box is checked, be sure that you also check to "Remove messages from the server after ___ days". Put some reasonable number (14?) in the blank so that you will have time to read the messages, even if you are "offline" for a few days, but your mailbox will not continue to fill up until it is so full that no more messages can be received.

R. C. White, CPA
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"JSFXXX" wrote in message news:B7CA191A-6644-44F2-B932-B1933CFE0577@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My email recently stopped letting me receive mail. I click my default name to
receive as usual and it comes up with 'connecting'. Then it goes straight to
'disconnecting' and the window closes. I know I have emails because I've had
to access them on

Can anyone help me on this?