Re: Export News from Outlook express and import into windows mail

Outlook Express as well as other newsreaders only mirror what is on a news server and newsgroups neither import nor export. You can only export the account setting, but not groups or messages. If there are any you really want to save, you must drag them into a local folder.
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP [Mail]
Imperial Beach, CA

"Steph" <smx2003@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23qgFPmbLLHA.1996@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I only used outlook express for newsgroup so I need to backup and transfer all the messages that I flagged with the glasses icon. I just installed windows mail and it only downloaded the first 1000 messages. I can't see all of my messages because some of them they are old ... maybe 2002 but i need them all in the same place.

How can I transfer these messages and the replies to windows mail?