Re: EMail Signatures

For replies, Windows Mail uses the signature associated with the account
that downloaded the original message. You can reassign signatures to
different accounts:
Tools, Options, Signatures, select the signature, Advanced.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

"Ren" wrote in message news:22B91C11-DFB1-491D-A2E8-8886EB4A5AF5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey Blink, great link went through each step and finally got it!!
I have my email signature set with my companies logo and using different
One thing....! I cant seem to figure out how to use my second signature (not
default) as my reply signature, my defalut signature works only on new
mail....I have had a look and cannot figure it out, any more links or info
would be great!

"Brink" wrote:

Leslie;629341 Wrote:
Can anyone tell me how I can create a signature in Windows Mail is I
want to
use a smiley or picture? I need step-by-step instructions please.
Thanx everyone

Hi Leslie,

This may be able to help you out.



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