Re: Outlook 2003 won't send in Vista

I'm having the same issue as below. I contacted Verizon and verified
all of my account settings. I tried to reinstall Outlook and received
an Error 1919 message. I then tried a registry fixer which corrected
the problem until my computer updated and the same problem is happening.
I am convince that it is a problem with the registry but it gets broken
everytime Windows updates.

I have no desire to go mucking around in the registry unsupervised.

Any help would be appreciated.


"Hi - my outbound SMTP in Outlook 2003 has stopped working completely,
and I am also running Vista. It used to work, till yesterday, and I have
checked and re-checked the setup - I get the very same error message on
any outbound mail. Note I am also running a Dell, though I have no
anti-virus presently (just firewall and Windows Defender).

Did you ever resolve this, or did you give up? Why do things just stop
working in Vista? (I can't use IE anymore, it's corrupted somehow, I use
Firefox instead.)

Any help gratefully appreciated..!"

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