Re: Windows Mail won't start in Vista

That error message happened before you restored a single email or contact?
Very strange. If it was me, I'd take this as an omen to upgrade to Windows
Live Mail. ;-)

But if you want to try repairing Windows Mail, read on.
It sounds like your Windows Mail message store structure is corrupted.
Try running the various repair functions in the WMUtil program:

If no improvement, there is a very laborious way of resetting
Windows Mail. Follow this procedure:
Scroll down to the section "PROBLEM TWO: How to Backup and Reset
Windows Mail"

Frankly, you'd be much better off to simply upgrade to Windows Live Mail:
As part of its initial run, Windows Live Mail will import any Windows Mail
data it finds.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

"RobWormald" wrote in message news:590BFC99-8D70-4EEF-A78F-B7818126E85F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I've just re-installed Vista on my dad's Dell PC, using the OEM disk. I've
downloaded and successfully applied all updates using the Windows Update, so
now to SP2 with all updates to 2010/07/26.

Problem is that Windows Mail has failed to open a single time since rebuild.
Continually getting the:-

"Windows Mail could not be started. The application was unable to open the
Windows Mail message store...."

This is followed by the dialogue box indicating "MSOE.DLL could not be

I backed up mail and contacts from before the rebuild and want to restore
them for my dad to read, but Windows Mail won't open.

I did have AVG Free installed, but tried removing it to make sure that
wasn't causing the problem. It wasn't.

Any ideas?

-- Robert Wormald