Re: Can't send out attachments

Make sure the file you are trying to attach is not open in some other
program, like Word. Windows Mail can't attach open files.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

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Thx winston for your response- I tried this and I can put the attachment over
to send the email but the problem is when I go to send it it says " Some of
the files could not be found and could not be attached to the message. Would
you like to send anyways" - This is such a mess and I am not sure wat the
deal is- but thx - I dont know if you have a better solution or maybe someone
else might


"...winston" wrote:

Save the Word file to your desktop.
Open Windows Mail(or your email client), create the message, then drag and drop the attachment to the composition window of the
Send the message.

Note: You isp determines the maximum size of a message and attachment that can be sent.

ms-mvp mail

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I was hoping I could find someone out there to help me with this matter- I
recently had to update my resume but I had lost my flash drive so I went in
to use Microsoft Works and copied the heading a onto a Word document well I
figured out it would not send through mail so I went into Word 2007 and
retyped over so there was no confusion - I cannot attachment the document
without getting the response the file could not be attached or will not send
with email- Never has been a problem so I wonder what to do- I have contacted
service provider which is Road Runner and they said need to work the problem
through MSFT- Thx for anyones help in the right direction