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Answered in two other newsgroups.
Msn Public Discussion
Windows Live Mail Desktop

Rather than post multiple single messages using the web interface you might consider using a nttp capable email client.

None of the newsgroups, though are the correct forum for your question
Hotmail is handled by Windows Live Support at

1.Windows Live Hotmail Support
Windows Live Hotmail Forums
Windows Live Hotmail Solutions

2. Windows Live ID Support
Windows Live ID Forums
Windows Live ID Solutions

For 1 and/or 2...
If a solution is not available in the Forums/Solutions area then click 'Ask A Question'
- requires sign on with your Windows Live ID, registration, and creation of a username
- Live ID username is **Not** visible to the public

ms-mvp mail

"kenp" wrote in message news:3031B3C6-ECEA-44E0-82AA-3F1174D738D9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

can't get Win Live Mail to show my win live/ messenger . etc, profile picture
to show can,t change the one that does appear .. Running Win7/IE8.