Re: Suggested Recipients not in Address Book

That special list of contacts is known as the auto-complete feature.
Windows Mail does not auto-complete from your regular contacts.
It uses a separate list of the last 29 recipients you've sent mail to.

You can delete the entire auto-complete list as follows:

Or try this other utility to selectively remove some unwanted addresses:

The newer replacement email program, Windows Live Mail, uses the
standard contacts list for auto-completion. You are encouraged to upgrade to it:

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

"kfc" wrote in message news:1B3E564D-F1E1-4287-ACDD-E0F24E10AB71@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When I type a letter in the To box, a list of recipients is suggested to me,
some of them are not in my address book e.g. my Windows Live login email, and
I would like to remove this from the list. How can I do it?