RE: A unknown error has occurred

"Gib" wrote:

I deleted a junk message by right clicking on it and then marking it as
having been read. It was then deleted normally.
"Ken" wrote:

Thank you so much I did this and it worked.

"Bob" wrote:

Hi Cookie,

I had the same problem but stumbled onto a solution.
If you highlight the email that has the error and then go to the button
under search you can select "Hide read messages" and that will get it off
your screen. It doesn't remove it but at least you don't have to look at it
all the time.

From what I have read about this error the only true way of getting rid of
it completely is to try a restore ( didn't work for me ) or try to uninstall
Windows Mail ( didn't work either ) or do another clean install ( my solution
saved me from having to do that )

I hope this helps ?

"Cookie" wrote:

"caliber1" wrote:

I am unable to empty deleted items in windows mail it keeps coming up a
unknown error has occurred. Has any one figured this out yet? Please let me
know it is driving me nuts.