Re: Hotmail toMSmail

If you mean, set up a Hotmail email account in your Windows Mail program, see!CC9301187A51FE33!49799.entry
Use port 587 rather than port 25 for the SMTP server.

To give you a bit of history, Windows Mail doesn't support HTTP mail,
which for a long time was the only allowed access method for free Hotmail
accounts. Also, since Windows Mail development was frozen in July 2006,
it is not aware that Microsoft enabled POP access for free Hotmail/Live
accounts in Feb. 2010. Consequently, the Windows Mail account setup
wizard is hard-coded to reject Hotmail and MSN addresses.To get around
that limitation, when you enter your Hotmail/MSN email address initially,
use a fake domain, such as me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx After the account setup is
complete, you can go back into the settings and correct your email address.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

"bruce" wrote in message news:#wG646tKLHA.3732@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

How do I get my hotmail to my microsoft mail box?