Re: Creating New Contact Group in Windows Mail

YEAH! After much time wasting this worked in 10 seconds. THANK YOU!

"t-4-2" wrote:

Tool Bar, click Contact > inside an open space of the window, right click ,
choose Customize this folder > under Contact Properties window, choose
Customize tab > under What kind of folder do you want, click the downward
pointing arrowhead till you see Contact, click that > OK.
You should now see New Contact Group in the Contact window.

"Newf29" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I am unable to create a "new contact group" in windows mail. When I open
the contacts file I am unable to locate any command to create a new
group. I can create new contacts ok but not the group. I have created
groups before but for some reason the "Create new Group" command has

Can anybody help me with this problem?



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