Re: This bloody windows Live!

"kmc65" <kmc65@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Can anyone help please?
Had Windows Mail on Toshiba Equium Vista computer and run a Nokia E75
which both the computer and the phone received my e-mails - Great!
Have now changed computer to Toshibha windows 7 which runs the e-mail in
Windows live and now the phone and computer do not both receive my e-mails
anymore, it goes to which ever is turned on first.
Also now the mail that goes to my phone does not stay for more then a
of moments before it disappears - Help!
How can I get my e-mails to go to both my phone and my computer??
A damsel in distress
(please do not get to technical with an answer)

When you want help with the Windows Live Mail program, asking
in is more likely to
get you a useful answer. Try asking how to make your email
stay on the email server for perhaps 5 days after Windows Live
Mail downloads it, and, if you don't know already, how to make
the toolbar with the Help button show up.

You may need separate help for the phone half of that problem,
though, and I don't know of any Microsoft help especially good
for that, so you may need to search for a Nokia website where
you can ask.

Robert Miles