Re: "Warning: The signature file specified is not a valid text-fil

Hey Steve:

I know you are trying to help...Any chance you can be a bit more specific
when you say "edit it"...I copied the stuff to the note path, but can get
past that...I know it may be basic, but can't figure it out. Thanks man!

"Steve Cochran" wrote:

You need to provide a link to an image. You cannot provide the image
itself in the signature.

Copy this and paste it into Notepad and then edit it and save it as an htm
file, and then designate it as your signature file.

<img src="file://myimages\myimage.gif">


"Naomi067" <Naomi067@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

"alex001" wrote:

Dear Windows Mail users, I am trying to insert a new electronic
signature in
my email but i keep receiving the message "Warning: The signature file
specified is not a valid text-file." Sure it is not a text file, there
is a
picture in it, which is the logo of the company where I work...I have
days now trying to sort this problem out but with no results...I tried
it in word, XMS, HTML, but it appears that it must be only a text file,
text files do not read pictures...

I would really appreciated if someone could give me some indications.

I must say that I never had these type of problems, plus many more,
when I
used to work with XP and the old Outlook...

Many thanks,

Dear Alex,

I too have been trying for days to load a HTML copy of my signature for
company I work for onto my emails. I too can't load it because it comes
with the same message. I have even tried to reload back to outlook
only to find that I can't do that now.
This is not good enough, for windows at all. Thois should be a basic
function. If anyone can come up with an answer it would be greatly
appreciated. As it seems that I'm stuck with this situation at the


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