Re: Vista - Outlook Saving email's as .EML

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Steve Cochran;1166723 Wrote:
If you want DOC files then you need to install Office and Outlook.
will not use doc files. See 'backup'
( for how WinMail
stores its messages.


"Willy Boy" <WillyBoy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I appreciate your response. I need to correct my information. I AM
> Window Mail. I did not make any concious change yet the earlier path
> saved the email to .doc now generates emails saved as .EML . Is
there any
> path to have the email saved as .doc the way it was?
> When I noticed this happening I soon learned that ALL of the saved
> emails change to the .EML Hmmmm.
> Willy Boy
> "PA Bear [MS MVP]" wrote:
>> A Windows Mail message will save as an EML file. An Outlook message
>> save as an MSG file.
>> --
>> ~PA Bear
>> Willy Boy wrote:
>> > My email now saves as .EML This does not open the saved file in
>> > EML
>> > will open but it has to be resaved as .doc when that was its
>> > default.


get the eml to doc solution with Birdie 'EML to DOC converter'
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gud luck guys...
thnx to Birdie Softwre :)

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