Re: Ping Steve Cochran about converting from wlm to windows mail

Oh my god, I hope nobody ever sends me an email with a moving GIF.
I might strangle them!

Gary VanderMolen

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Oh I so hope you are right! That would be just wonderful!!!!!!!

There are many out there who will be elated to hear that!

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As far as I have heard, the private stationery NG is not going away.


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Thanks so very much Steve. We will look into this. We both still enjoy making the stats. And I do mean it. You are missed in the NG's. But soon I guess there won't be newsgroups either, MS said they would no longer support them.

As you say, we did have a decade of enjoyment. But having no groups will leave a giant hole in many hearts.

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Hi Teresa,

WLM removed the capability to script in email and the ability to code your own HTML in a message. You can't fix that.

You can use XPMode in Windows 7 or you can hack the version of Windows Mail that is installed with Windows 7 to fix its issues. See for details. It seems complicated, but its actually very simple.

See if that helps.



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Hi Steve, this is a blast from your past. I am PCC from the old OE newsgroups, we sure have missed you over the years! We have talked some in the past. Anyway...

I am hoping you can help us

My Dad got windows 7 and doesn't like the new window live mail cause no signatures, no access to source code, he can't figure out how to embed gifs, etc.

Do you know can he:

1 run both windows live mail and windows mail on the same computer?

2. Can he import from the live mail into windows mail the address book and messages?

3. Does windows mail have the signatures feature?

4. Will windows mail embed moving gifs?

I can find info out there on how to import address book and messages from OE to windows mail and to windows live mail. But he doesn't have oe6 anymore, he has windows live mail. He wants to go to windows mail so he can have the source code again.

I do hate to impose on you like this, but I am doing all kinds of searches and can't find the answers. I am hoping you can help me.

PCC aka puter tutor Teresa

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