Re: How to use Outlook Express in Windows 7

WinMail is a big improvement in terms of the message store, but that wasn't completely finished and there are database problems, which is why I put out my Windows Mail Utility (see, but it has other rather annoying bugs, which just shows how little they actually put in to it and there was clearly no emphasis on quality.


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Thanks a lot, Steve, for that patient with me.
*Now* I've got it - you were referring to your page you had started this
thread with.

I had thoroughly read that prior to my first reply.
As to possible bugs I simply can not say. I've been using WinMail since
the Beta of Vista and can not recall to have bitten seriously. But this
may have to do with my head's senior moments :-( :-(
Apart from that two main points remain: The loss of the identities
feature and the "Contacts Pane". In so far peoples' taste and needs
I for one do not miss the "Contacts Pane" as I did not use it during all
the long years I had been using OE.
As far as the "identities" are concerned IMHO the designers did right
when eliminating this feature. If a computer is used by more than one
person the proper way IMO is to change the users not the identity in the

But that's "snow from last year".

Thanks again for not getting tired with me.
I feel honoured by the attention by such an important expert who has
done so much for the community of OE users. I really owe you much!


Steve Cochran wrote:
In the first paragraph on that page. I haven't made a complete list
of WinMail bugs, as I did that for OE for over 8 years and it came to
no good, as they came up with WalMail instead.


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Steve Cochran wrote:
Where what? I don't understand the question.

As quoted below you had said:
"As I indicate there as well, WinMail has a number of bugs and
features missing from OE."

So my question was aimimg at *where* you had written (indicated) on
bugs and features missing from OE.


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Steve Cochran wrote:
As I indicate on the page, one can hack Win7 to get Windows Mail
working (see for instance
As I indicate there as well, WinMail has a number of bugs and
features missing from OE.

May I kindly ask *WHERE*?
Can not find that :-( :-(


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FromTheRafters wrote:
"Rainald Taesler" wrote:

It might pretty well be that I might be missing something.
But - honestly speaking - which advantages would OE under
XP-mode have over WinMail?

I would miss the 'source edit' function.

How come?
WinMail has it!
Any notable differences in so far?

My mistake, I was thinking Windows Live Mail Desktop, not Windows

Do you have Windows Mail on Windows 7?