2 PCs - 1 on Vista and 1 on Windows 7

The Vista has Windows Mail and the Windows 7 has Hotmail. By linking one to
the other, I`ve lost the incoming messages to Windows Mail as they all go to
Hotmail PC. How can I get it back? Roger W.

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    ... That there are names on the To list that I have never sent emails to from WinMail but have from hotmail led me in that direction of thought. ... I also put the names from this updated backup list in the user Contacts folder when I do a new install. ... likely you will use the Windows search program. ... right now all I have is the Windows Mail. ...
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    ... Hotmail accounts in Windows Mail must be set up manually. ... Windows Mail will only handle Hotmail via the POP protocol, ...
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    ... WLM has a non-beta version. ... Windows Mail won't do WebDAV. ... Hotmail account has POP access, you should be able to set that up ... OE won't run in Vista. ...
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    ... Hotmail is blocking some of your incoming messages under the ... I use windows mail to send emails from my wanadoo account, ...
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    ... Windows Mail cannot access any webmail account, like most Yahoo and Hotmail ... Microsoft Offices Outlook 2007 for software. ...