Re: How to use Outlook Express in Windows 7

An interesting tidbit (that's not really important since this ms access
server I'm using is soon to be turned
off) ...but fwiw, the tidbit is that within WXP using OE if you were to
right click on this forum> Properties> Local File> click the Delete button
(to delete all headers and message bodies)
....then Unsubscribe, then compact all folders to remove its dbx
file too, then ReSubscribe and download all the available messages
currently there on the server at -
which at this point goes only back to April 14th, but the interesting
tidbit Steve is that your original post starting this thread on
6/30/2010 is Not on the server anymore, neither is the first 4 or 5
replies, and this thread now shows up as.
Re: How to use Outlook Express in Windows 7/3/2010
...even though the servers store goes back to 4/14/2010
Whatever the reason is short lived anyway when they delete it for good.

The point is not all people can see your OP nor what you said in it, and so
never see your homepage link of if they
recently subscribed to this particular forum using

I knew you and your website from the early days via
microsoft.public.windows98 where you were helping way back then, iow,
you've been around many years too.



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