Re: "There was an error saving one or more of the attachments."

Shopmobility, "Mike" did not provide a solution in this thread.
Peter Foldes and myself did.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
Microsoft MVP program:

"Shopmobility" <Shopmobility@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:E1623C07-7837-450A-8A7B-E9BEC846055D@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you very much Mike. This answer about Norton Removal has solved my
problem. I now do not have to forward our emails to my home address. Big
thanks to all of you vols.. you do a fantastic service.

"Peter Foldes" wrote:


First of all Gary does not get paid for answering in these newsgroups. It is
strictly volunteer .
Secondly the reason that you are having this issue as you describe is because of a
security or AV program that still has a hold on your system. If you ever had Norton
or a Symantec or a MacAfee program installed then you would need their removal tool
to remove all their remnants even if you thought you had uninstalled it completely.
Below is their removal tool and feel free to use them, Also disable all the scanning
tools that are being used at present

MacAfee Removal Tool
Norton Removal Tool

Please Reply to Newsgroup for the benefit of others
Requests for assistance by email can not and will not be acknowledged.

"Mike" <Mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Incredible that Gary gets paid for this. I get this error also. I am a
programmer and I know what I am doing. It is not specific to the type of
attachment, it is any attachment. Can't save them, can't send them. Cleaned
the system with PC Tools, ran Process Explorer to identify ant rogue dlls.
No luck with anything. What crap!

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

The OS can't distinguish between actual lack of free disk space
and being denied access to disk space by a security program.

Any computer tech worth his salt knows that removing the
security program interference will clear that error.

If either Norton or McAfee security programs were ever installed
on a computer, you can't be free of its degrading effects until
the special removal tool is used. Almost all computers come
with a trial version of Norton or McAfee antivirus, which is the
root of the problem.

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

<ryancmorgan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"There was an error saving one or more of the attachments. Please
check your free disk space and try again"

Everybody has plenty of disk space which makes this error so useless
when trying to solve this issue.

That is the error message that people are recieving. It's not from not
knowing how to save an attachment, or security settings.

It is not your security software causing the problem. I've uninstalled
all security software on the PC im working on and have
disabled windows defender for the time being the problem still exists.
I have tried unistalling updates from microsoft that have recently
been put on the pc

I've looked up this problem over the internet, and several people are
having this problem. There is no FIX that I CAN FIND.

People that are also having this problem are having trouble
downloading files off the internet using Firefox for even IE.
I uninstalled AVG 8.0 which fixed the download problem for IE, but the
problem in windows mail still exists.

This computer i'm working on, which is a friends has been running fine
up until the other day with AVG and other software as well.
It has the latest updates from microsoft as well. I have vista on my
home machine, but I do not use windows mail.

This really sounds like a Microsoft Vista issue to be honest. Not
everybody is having this problem so microsoft hasn't really looked
it or they are just working on their next failure ( windows 7 )

So people that see this post and don't have the problem themselves and
are trying to help.

IT IS NOT PEOPLE BEING IGNORANT, this problem actually does exist.

If I come up with anything from other posts or just from
troubleshooting myself I'll be sure to post a fix on several of these
forums I've been reading

On Jan 27, 2:10 pm, VistaRookie <VistaRookie.3mo...@no-> wrote:
It is unclear to me when you say you are getting the same
message...the OP said he could not "open" an attachment.
Inyourcase, a font would need to be saved, preferably
inyourfont folder and then installed fromthere. What
happens when you right click on the font attachment and
choose Save As...???

If you get anerrormessage, copy the exact, complete
message and post it here.

karstiil;1103645 Wrote:

Sorry it is not .att (I am thinking of my actions in Photoshop). It is a
..ttf file

"karstiil" wrote:

I am getting the same message. I am trying to save a font that was
me to me so it is an .att file

"Peter Foldes" wrote:

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