Re: How to use Outlook Express in Windows 7

Thanks Rick. I don't know what P... B... is.



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Steve, I understand perfectly what Rainald has been asking you each of his
posts, and I had been wondering the same thing right along with hime as you
interestingly refer to... webpages , and the only thing I can surmise here
is that you are P.... B..., if that's true then God Bless ya for the Great
Work you have done there and I love it....! ..if it aint you then still
the same answer is that I've always seen you do great work helping others
in these fourms as well as many elsewheres, so it's all a win win for all
of us, thanks.


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In the first paragraph on that page. I haven't made a complete list of
WinMail bugs, as I did that for OE for over 8 years and it came to no
good, as they came up with WalMail instead.


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Steve Cochran wrote:
Where what? I don't understand the question.

As quoted below you had said:
"As I indicate there as well, WinMail has a number of bugs and
features missing from OE."

So my question was aimimg at *where* you had written (indicated) on bugs
and features missing from OE.


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Steve Cochran wrote:
As I indicate on the page, one can hack Win7 to get Windows Mail
working (see for instance
As I indicate there as well, WinMail has a number of bugs and
features missing from OE.

May I kindly ask *WHERE*?
Can not find that :-( :-(


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FromTheRafters wrote:
"Rainald Taesler" wrote:

It might pretty well be that I might be missing something.
But - honestly speaking - which advantages would OE under
XP-mode have over WinMail?

I would miss the 'source edit' function.

How come?
WinMail has it!
Any notable differences in so far?

My mistake, I was thinking Windows Live Mail Desktop, not Windows

Do you have Windows Mail on Windows 7?