Re: can't set the font type

Make sure you are not using stationery that dictates the font in the BODY tag. Also, the fonts can only be set in HTML messages and not in plain text messages. For the signature, you would need an HTML file that specifies the font.


"Jessie" <Jessie> wrote in message news:EC0A0E90-79C6-408B-AF04-A4E992B20DE1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Who can help me ?
1, I set the font in ARIAL for sending email .
But when it's received by other people , it showed in Times New roman .
I was so crazy and don't how to do and waiting for favor .

2, when setting the signature , can't set the font and size

3, the contact person can't be completed automatically .

Above troubles , I wonder that it's caused by my wrong setting or nature
imperfection by WINDOW MAILS . Very disappointed about this .