Re: How to use Outlook Express in Windows 7

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The site I referenced for this is somewhat similar

There is some question as to the legality of offering and downloading

Yes understand legalties.

dlls and exes from sources other than Microsoft. You also don't know
that those files are uninfected, so I would recommend downloading the

Yes we understand that, but as far as Poppa Bear goes, there are no worries
he's one trustworthy person, not only that, hex showed all files given at
both forums identical with MS's.

dlls from Microsoft directly.

The latest dll's for Windows Mail in Vista can be obtained here:

hex is same on this newer msoe.dll given at both compared to MS - so it's
all good.


To extract the dlls from the downloaded files see:


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As I indicate on the page, one can hack Win7 to get Windows Mail working
(see for instance As I
indicate there as well, WinMail has a number of bugs and features
missing from OE.



That's an interesting different link than what I had.
I had done this procedure successfully the beginning of the year and
used his method which at that point in time Poppa was posting at this
forum but now I see you
have your link which is well done presented, actually I see he is still
tending to both places with each forum showing their last edit as

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