Re: 0x8000ffff <-- When i Try installing Windows Live messenger..?

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"ChrisinBK" wrote in message news:ChrisinBK.4e1jhb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please Help

Have Windows XP - with Updated SP 3 - Office 2007 with all up to date.
Have tried many times to sync MS Outlook with my Hotmail - Message comes
up - "Calendar contains corrupt Data that is forcing MS Outlook to close
- 0x8000FFFF"

After many attempts gave up on the Option of using Outlook for my Emails
as I used to do in my previous Company Supplied PC and Support.

Recently tried again with Windows Live Mail.
Today 13/07/10 succeeded in getting WLV synced with my Hotmail. Took 3/4

Then when I rebooted the same "0x8000FFFF" message came up when opened

On two occasions the WLM opened - but then crashed.
Then using the "0x8000FFFF" as Web search came to this Web.
Have deleted my existing Windows Live Essential + Live Sync and Upload
Downloaded from Windows Live Suite 2009.

Still cannot open Windows Live Mail and the same "Calendar contains
corrupt Data that is forcing MS Outlook to close - 0x8000FFFF"


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