Re: How to use Outlook Express in Windows 7

The site I referenced for this is somewhat similar (

There is some question as to the legality of offering and downloading dlls and exes from sources other than Microsoft. You also don't know that those files are uninfected, so I would recommend downloading the dlls from Microsoft directly.

The latest dll's for Windows Mail in Vista can be obtained here:

To extract the dlls from the downloaded files see:


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As I indicate on the page, one can hack Win7 to get Windows Mail working
(see for instance As I
indicate there as well, WinMail has a number of bugs and features missing
from OE.



That's an interesting different link than what I had.
I had done this procedure successfully the beginning of the year and used
his method which at that point in time Poppa was posting at this forum but now I see you have your
link which is well done presented, actually I see he is still tending to
both places with each forum showing their last edit as

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