Re: How to use Outlook Express in Windows 7

Where what? I don't understand the question.


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Steve Cochran wrote:
As I indicate on the page, one can hack Win7 to get Windows Mail
working (see for instance
As I indicate there as well, WinMail has a number of bugs and
features missing from OE.

May I kindly ask *WHERE*?
Can not find that :-( :-(


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"Rainald Taesler" wrote:

It might pretty well be that I might be missing something.
But - honestly speaking - which advantages would OE under XP-mode
have over WinMail?

I would miss the 'source edit' function.

How come?
WinMail has it!
Any notable differences in so far?

My mistake, I was thinking Windows Live Mail Desktop, not Windows

Do you have Windows Mail on Windows 7?