Re: windows mail error

And after removing Norton completely then remove the mail accounts, then run my Windows Mail utility to compact and repair the database. Then add your accounts back again. See also point 3 here: Microsoft Security Essentials works fine, but you have to exclude eml files from the items scanned under Settings.


"Bob" <Bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:0368D878-E023-488E-8A0D-626E50C4344F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I just recently had a error opening mail - one or more parts could not be
displayed, then after ok, there is an error opening this message, not enough
memory to display.

I went with the previous help and removed my norton 2009 virus protection,
saved my email folders, and did removal of procedure of registory and files
in mail foder.

Upon reboot have same issue, the welcome to windows mail will not open also.

I have vista 64 SP2.

Any help to correct mail program problem appreciated.

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