Re: Folders different on my two PCs

You cannot do what you are attempting with POP3 email accounts.

With IMAP or MSFT http accounts (Hotmail/Live) you will see the same folder structure.

BTW, the group for Windows Live Mail is located at
(until October)

Dave N.
MS-MVP (Mail)
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"Geoff Broughton" wrote in message news:B905DD51-4A49-4394-86F6-B16E6733C4FF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I can access my POP3 email account on my two PCs using Windows Live Mail.
Emails can be sent and received ok and can be seen on both PCs.

I've created folders in the email account on one PCs but these are not seen
on the other PCs. Also visa versa. I installed Live Mail in the last month on
both PCs so they are identical. One PC is XP Home while the other is Vista
Home. I've tried both PCs running simultaneous and alone. I've tried sync and
hiding the folders.

Why won't the folders sync?