Re: Having trouble

Is your Yahoo account a free one, a paid one, or provided through an ISP partner?
US-based free Yahoo accounts have webmail access only, no POP
access. Windows Mail handles POP mail but not Yahoo webmail.
Yahoo's solution is to pay them for premium "Mail Plus" service, see:
and use the special settings for that service:

If you are OK with using a non-Yahoo email address, you have these other
solutions that will work with Windows Mail:
* Use the email address assigned to you by your ISP.
* Use a free Gmail, AOL, or Hotmail/Live account.

You can also continue to use Yahoo's webmail: <a href="";></a>
If you need more help with any of these solutions, just ask.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

"wvurocks101" wrote in message news:1F5470E2-B35B-4227-B2DC-FC752FE03E18@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am new to this. I can't seem to get it right. What do I put for the server
name? POP3? SMTP? I am trying to add a yahoo account. What do do I put?