Re: Send Receive window.

Hey Steve. Thanks for the help... Mate, whats the main WinMail form?? I tried
the little tack thingy, your right that just stuck it to the screen, but gave
me no info maybe this winmail might help if I new what it was... Thanks
again... Mick.

"Steve Cochran" wrote:

There is a little icon sometimes on the bottom of the main WinMail form
and if you double click on it, it will show that window. That window also
has a thumbtack icon on the bottom that will pin it to the screen. So you
can play with that. See if that helps.


"Micko" <Micko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Can someone please help. When you send or receive an email you can click
Send/Receive and a little window pops up with a green info bar letting
know whats coming in, how many, etc. This doesn't work for me anymore.
will do it only when there is nothing coming in or out. It will flash up
connect/authorise/disconnect very quickly. If I have mail coming in, it
tell me down the bottom right of my screen. If i click Send/Receive
mail is been received, say 15 times nothing will happen. However once
mail is received that box will flash up 15 times quickly at the end. Its
starting to get a little annoying... Please help. Thank you fellow
emailers... Mick.