RE: Mail deleting from virtual inbox

Hey Erika.

I was having similar problem a while back. I remember in my webmail (optus)
there was an option at the bottom of the list of emails (delete after
download). I had to untick this box. You may have something similar, maybe in
tools?? Just be aware, once your web inbox is filled your incoming emails
will be returned to their senders, saying 'Mailbox over quota'. You will need
to delete them manually. In regards to your other issue, I have absolutely no
idea. I hope I've been helpful, kr... Mick.

"Erika P" wrote:

When I open windows mail it automatically downloads and it deletes it from my virtual yahoo inbox, is there a way i can get it to stop deleting it or being able to place those messages back in my inbox to retrieve anywhere? also, it doesnt allow me to send messages so i cant foward them to myself!

Thanks, i appreciate ur help!