Re: Uploading messages to NGs

Thanks for reporting back.

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

"Rainald Taesler" wrote in message news:i0vk7p$p2l$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gary VanderMolen (MVP) wrote:
Instead of try using the server name

Thanks for the suggestion, Gary!
It seems that I had a wrong address :-(

In the meantime I spent quite some time in the problem and could not
detect what was wrong. Could not find anything.

So I did bite the bullet and ran a restore (from a backup created last
October with "WMBackup" [a German Backup program for WinMail]).
It took quite some time and I had to do quite some work to update the
news-accounts and to update the content of news- and and mail-folders.
Thanks God no loss with the latter as for long years I've been working
with IMAP accounts only. With the news I lost the marks, colors etc. for
messages since October.
And I lost all of
The machine will still need a couple of hours to synch ;-(

All in all a time taking affair.
And I am still clueless on what was wrong :-( :-(

Thanks again

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

"Rainald" wrote in message

Due to problems with the mail-stire I had to delete it.
I did re-create all mail- and news account.
Everything fine with mail.
But I have serious pronlems with news:

1.) I can not upload postings to the NGs.

Errormsg (translated from German):

The message could not be uploaded. ....
Protocol: NNTP, Server reply: "441 From address not in Internet
Port: 119, Secure (SSL): Ni, Server error: 441, Error number:
0x800CCCA9 <<<

2.) When trying to diwnload the NG-list from "" the
action is
stopped by an error:
The TCP/IP connection has been terminated unexpectedly.
Protocil: NNTP
Port: 119
Yecure (SSL):0
Code: 800ccc0f

Downloading the lists and subscribing to groups works fine with all
groups as well as downloading messages.

Anybody any idea on what might be wring?

(posting through the web-interface)