Re: some of our messages don't get through to recipients

As Gary suggested, the recipient servers could be rejecting the orange messages without the actual recipient knowing it or being able to control it. I think you are on the correct track to move to some other ISP.


"natasha" <natasha@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:1997CED7-A1E5-4FC3-BC73-56DF755BC841@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you very much - your help is greatly appreciated. No, we don't have
another email account, however, we noticed that the same message does not
reach one recipient, but gets through fine to another, if we send it to two
people at once, for example.

Also, it's strange this has started happening all at once, i.e. lots of
people started not getting our messages from a certain point a month ago -
makes me think of changes on our end, i.e. Orange have done something to
outgoing mail, rather than recipients' servers?

"Steve Cochran" wrote:

Its possible that the recipients spam filters are catching your messages.
See if you can contact one to check their spam filtering settings on the

Do you have another email account you can mail the non-receiving
recipients to see if they get the message from that account? Some spam
filters may be directed against a particular account. Also, if its a mass
mailing, some ISPs block such at the recipient's end.


"natasha" <natasha@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, could somebody help please? We've started having this problem
(about 3 weeks ago). About half of the people to whom we send email
say they never receive them. There doesn't seem to be any pattern as to
which email addressed are affected - some of the receipients have been
in our
'Contacts' for ages, and we corresponded with them fine before. Now
don't receive our messages at all, but we receive theirs fine, as
before. We
don't experience any problems with some other people at all, both new
contacts and old.

We suspect it's something to do with antispam policies, but do not know
enough on the subject, or how to correct this. We do not get any error
messages, and we contacted our intertnet provider Orange, who are saying
nothing to do with them, as some messages do get through, so the
is there. They blame Microsoft and their regular updates...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!