Re: This could indicate a lack of memory on your system - any answ

thanks for the help.i'm trying to send resume to craigslist , but i get a
message that says network not available. i'll follow the instruction as you
discriped and see what happens. jorge

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Click on Tools, then Accounts. then your email account, then Properties,
then Servers. Click on the box you want to change, at the end of what's
there already, backspace to remove it, then type in what you want to
replace it with. After the changes, click on Apply, then OK, then Close.

What servers you want to use depends on what email provider you use -
that's why you need to ask them for instructions.

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How do I type in my severinfo?

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no it was not helpful it did not give me a solution how do i fix it

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"Your IMAP command could not be sent to the server due to non-network


You might get an answer faster is you tell us who your email provider is.
They are probably also your internet provider.