Re: Uploading messages to NGs

Thanks for your notice!

Bruce Hagen wrote:
You do know that MS is removing the newsgroups from their servers?

Oh Yes I know it. {siiigh}
I have been involved in quite some discussions in the German community
and sent quite some folks to alternative places.
But quite a lot if the groups still exist - f.e. this one ;-)

You can still access the groups on some non-MS servers such as Eternal
September, but how long the quality of questions and replies lasts is

We have several providers over here in Germany who had been mirroring
the "ms.public" hierarchy for years and still have the group open and
communicate with each others and postings appear crosswise.
However, IMO it does not make any sense to further use groups which have
officially been killed.

There quite some alternative NGs.
And I use the forums through the fine "Community Forums NNTP bridge"
under WinMail.

The MS-NGs are not really my concern.
The problem is that I can not post in *any* NG at all!

Thanks again
P.S. I meanwhile ran a System-Restore with a restore point from a date
before the problem with my mail-store appeared. To no avail ... :-( :-(