Re: Uploading messages to NGs

You do know that MS is removing the newsgroups from their servers?

Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Communities

Newsgroups removed as of June 1, 2010

You can still access the groups on some non-MS servers such as Eternal September, but how long the quality of questions and replies lasts is unknown.

Eternal September

The replacement forums.

Microsoft Answers - First Time Users
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP [Mail]
Imperial Beach, CA

"Rainald" <taesler@xxxxxx> wrote in message news:7EFA1800-DD5D-458B-89D3-407F33577851@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Due to problems with the mail-stire I had to delete it.
I did re-create all mail- and news account.
Everything fine with mail.
But I have serious pronlems with news:

1.) I can not upload postings to the NGs.

Errormsg (translated from German):

The message could not be uploaded. ....
Protocol: NNTP, Server reply: "441 From address not in Internet syntax",
Port: 119, Secure (SSL): Ni, Server error: 441, Error number: 0x800CCCA9

2.) When trying to diwnload the NG-list from "" the action is
stopped by an error:
The TCP/IP connection has been terminated unexpectedly.
Protocil: NNTP
Port: 119
Yecure (SSL):0
Code: 800ccc0f

Downloading the lists and subscribing to groups works fine with all other
groups as well as downloading messages.

Anybody any idea on what might be wring?

(posting through the web-interface)


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