Re: Unsent messages in outbox

"K.E. JOHNSON" wrote:

Gary: I have just started to have problems with sending e-mail and having the
message end up in the outbox. What has worked so far is closing the error
window and then closing windows mail. When the pane telling me I still have
mail in outbox would I like to send it I select yes and it goes. This last
time that didn't work until I went to Steves link and then closed the mail
prior to download and then it sent. I still downlaoded and used the utilities
and hopefully that will take care of it; until next time. Mucho thanks, you
are a great help to all. I have Microsoft office, student 2003 in my other
computer; too bad it's a one unit lincense. I'll wait for fix. Thanks again,

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

Glad it worked out for you. However, if the same problem
happens again, I recommend you switch to Windows Live Mail.

Gary VanderMolen

"Mandy" <puttnontheritz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:74890FBC-5E34-4A7E-82BE-F274040DCE56@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have had the same problem, and I followed your steps Gary, and it worked,
thanks for your help.
Mandy :)

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

Outlook Express can not be installed in Vista.
Installing Outlook Express was not one of my suggestions.
Please reread my suggestions below.
Those suggestions were written a few weeks ago, and since then
there have been two new developments that affect this issue:

1. Steve Cochran has released a utility program that will remove
a stuck message from the Outbox:
Go to
When you start to download the file,
be sure to choose Save rather than Run.
After it finishes downloading choose Run, then Extract. Then it will
show the extraction folder with two files in it, WMUtil.exe and scxout.dll.
Run WMUtil.exe, wait until the buttons become active, then click on
Clear Outbox. It may take a while. Before you start, make sure
Windows Mail is not running.

2. Microsoft has announced that they will release a new email
program later this month. If you can wait a few weeks, I'd suggest
holding out for that. Or else, if you can't wait, download and install
the Thunderbird email program.

Gary VanderMolen

"baldeagle110" <baldeagle110@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3B9063FB-37DC-4DAC-A0B0-EBD4C97C3039@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gary;I tried to download outlook express and vista would not install it,
because it tells me I have a higher internet explorer.It seems somehow to be
hooked in there somwhere. Thanks in advance Pony

"Gary VanderMolen" wrote:

Welcome to the club!

There are a few workarounds floating around, but several people
have reported severe corruption of their message store afterwards,
so I don't recommend the current crop of workarounds.

If you really can't send with Windows Mail due to the stuck message
in the Outbox, then either send that message with web mail, or else
install another email program like Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook.

Gary VanderMolen

"Cecil" <Cecil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:E2BD4526-A34D-4D3F-B607-BE1E77281C25@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
When I try to delete the 1st message in the OUTBOX that seems to be holding
up the sending of subsequent messages, I get a message "Unknown error has
occurred". Then another box drops down with the message "Deleting messages"
but none get deleted.

"Patsy Dalton" wrote:

"Michelle" wrote:

I have unsent messages in my outbox. I get an error message regarding the
POP3 or something like that. What could the problem be?
Michelle Maust

have the same problem I don't think I'm opening my account properly do I
sign in with my msn account e-mail address. and follow throught as if I were
getting mail in and out through msn?