Re: Future

Gary VanderMolen (MVP) wrote:
"Rainald Taesler" wrote:

Microsoft has recommended the following replacement forum:

Thanks for the reply, Gary!

IMHO this would be a rather crazy place. {siiigh}
How might John Doe make a guess to visit just this group/forum if he
does not find out how to activate his mail account??

Anyway, we can't help :-(
I'm really sad that MS does kill the NGs.
Thanks God that there at least is a way to access the forums with a
NewsReader *)

Thanks again
and kindest regards

*) BTW: Do you know the "Community Forums NNTP brigde" created by the
MVP J. Kalmbach?
It's ways more versatile than the two beasts MS offers in "Connect"

"Rainald Taesler" wrote in message

As MS is closing the NewsGroups in favour of the "Forums", I'm
wondering in which Forum the users of WinMail might meet
again in the future.

The process of killing the NGs is progressive. The majority of the
German groups does no longer exist and the rest is reduced day by day.

I could not yet detect a forum which would fit for WinMail.
Does anybody know more than poor Me?