Re: Windows Mail Message rules - solved!

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Here's the rule:-
Apply this rule after the message arrives
Where the Subject line contains 'mgadiag' or 'WGA' or 'license' or 'licence' or 'genuine' or 'fake' or 'msdn' or 'key' or 'validat' or 'activat'
and Where the message is from the MS Answers account
Highlight it with Green **************
and Mark the message as watched *******
and Mark it for download
and Stop processing more rules
Noel Paton

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Is there a conflict here *********** marked above?

This account will be the Bridge, no?
I have not set up any rules yet on that account, so not sure if it 'supports' them?


It seems that there's something wrong with the Account itself - No rules can be Apply Now'd to it at all - only to the constituent groups.

Looks like I'll have to recreate the account from scratch and download all the messages again.... only 160MB :(
I suppose I'll have to take the machine down to the pub and do it there :)
(that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!)

Noel Paton

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