Re: Why Does Windows Mail forget email addresses?

That special list of contacts is known as the auto-complete feature.
Windows Mail does not auto-complete from your regular contacts.
It uses a separate list of the last 29 recipients you've sent mail to.
The workaround is to click on 'To:' which brings up all your contacts.

The newer replacement mail program, Windows Live Mail, uses the
standard contacts list for auto-completion.
You are encouraged to upgrade to the newer mail program:

Gary VanderMolen, Microsoft MVP (Mail)
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"Bruce Hagen" <BRH@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%232z1yFS$KHA.420@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Windows Mail only remembers the last 29 addresses used. See this about
removing remembered addresses.

How to clear the email auto-complete entries in Windows Mail
Bruce Hagen
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"Cheri" <cherig3@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
It's very annoying but many times when I start to email someone, I find
that Windows Mail has forgotten the address and will not complete it, so
I have to go into contacts and email from there. I never knew this to
happen with OE in any of the Win versions before Vista, and wonder why
it happens with Windows Mail. Is there a fix for this? TIA