Re: deleting messages that won't finish sending

In my case this is not as easy as you make it sound. I too have a huge file
that tries to resend each and every time I log into Windows mail. It just
sits there and grinds away and never completes.

I have looked in the outbox and there is nothing listed there. I luckily
have found a work-around where I just stop and hide it and then use the pull
down to select only the receive function to get my mail to download without
having to wait for the ominous failure of the send.

The biggest problem I have is that if I want to use my Windows mail to send
something out, the new mail as to wait for that one message to grind away
till failure before ny new ones will send.

I can't figure out where this message resides in mail so that I can delete
it. I have thought about reloading windows mail but at this point I don't
care for that alternative.

If anyone has any ideas at all, I would appreciate any advice you would have
for me.


"Steve Cochran" wrote:

Just go to the outbox and delete the messages.


"gj61" <gj61@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
help! i tried to send some video pics out by email. they must have been
long or something cause ever since it keeps saying sending messages but
never complete and i can't figure out how to just delete them.